Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to contact someone before my first walk or can I just turn up?

If you want to come on any walk on our programme, all you need to do is turn up at the right place and time. There is no need to contact anyone beforehand. 

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Do I have to have special footwear or can I wear trainers?

Trainers should be adequate on most of our shorter walks (less than 8 miles), but stronger shoes are advisable for any walk longer than 8 miles. Please also bear in mind that the terrain can be muddy in places at any time of year, so your trainers are likely to get muddy. 

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How fit do I have to be to come on a walk?

Anyone of a reasonable level of fitness should be able to tackle one of our shorter walks of less than 8 miles. If you are used to walking short distances on a regular basis, such as to work or to the station every morning, you should find it easy to cope with the pace and the terrain on one of our less demanding walks. If you a looking for a suitable first walk to test your level of fitness, look for a relatively short walk which is designated "L" (for leisurely). You could then gradually work your way up to more demanding walks.

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I don’t have any transport. Are any of the walks accessible by public transport?

Only a few of our walks are accessible by public transport. The best way is to find out from the walk leader, who can be contacted via our Walks Coordinator at

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I don’t have any transport. Can you put me in touch with anyone who might be able to give me a lift and/or pick me up from a station?

For personal safety reasons, we do not e-mail lift requests or offers to the whole group. In some cases, the walk leader or another member who is planning to attend the walk may be able to help you, but this will not be possible in all cases. To ask for a lift to a walk, e-mail the Walks Coordinator at

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I note that the walks are graded, what does this mean?

The grading of walks is in line with the Ramblers Association system - see

All of our walks in the Chilterns are graded either Leisurely or Moderate. Some walks on weekend trips might occasionally verge on Strenuous because they include harder mountain terrain.

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If I join, will I be expected to lead a walk?

Nobody is expected to lead walks, but we would like anyone who regularly attends our walks to seriously consider it. We rely on about 10% of our membership to provide all of our walks, which is making it difficult for us to fulfil our ambition of expanding our walks programme from its current level. Leading a walk doesn't require much of a time commitment and is easier than you might think, so if you would like to put something back into the group, e-mail

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What time do the walks normally finish?

It's impossible to give an exact answer to this, since every walk is on different terrain and may or may not include a pub stop. In addition, it's impossible to know how fast the group will walk. The walk leader will be able to give the best estimate when you arrive on the day of the walk.

To give a rough idea, you can expect most full-day walks to end between about 3 and 4pm and most afternoon walks to end between about 4 and 5pm. If a walk is expected to last longer than this, it should be stated in the walk description. You can safely assume that all walks will end within the hours of daylight.

There's a useful page Calculating walking pace on the Ramblers website.

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Where can I find details of the start point?

The best way of finding the exact location of the start point is to look at the Walks Finder, accessible via the front page. The page for each walk shows an area map with the local major roads, and a smaller-scale map showing the exact location. The description in the walks programme should also be helpful. 

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How regular are your social events?

We have a monthly pub night on Friday or Saturday at a different venue each month, which are popular occasions. Other socials take place on an irregular basis, but there is generally something every month. Recent social events have included things like theatre trips, restaurant trips, cinema trips, ceilidhs and even more demanding activities like rock climbing.

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What other kind of social activities are there and how can I find out about them?

Recent social events have included things like theatre trips, restaurant trips, cinema trips, ceilidhs and even more demanding activities like rock climbing. They are publicised via the group e-mail list and are open to all members and prospective members.

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How do I join your group?

Our group is one of the several hundred local groups in the Ramblers Association. To join our group, you join the Ramblers and then specify that you want to be a member of the Chilterns 20-30s group. This page tells you about the benefits of joining the Ramblers and lists the ways you can join them:

If you choose to join online, please choose "Chiltern 20-30s Walking" in the "Group" dialogue box to be allocated to our group.

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How long do I have until I have to join?

If you are a newcomer to the group, you are welcome to try out three walks to see if the group is what you are looking for. For insurance reasons, the Ramblers Association requires anyone who intends to participate in further walks or Weekends Away to join the association. There is no time limit between the first walk that you participate in and joining the Ramblers.

The Chilterns 20-30s group allows prospective members to join the e-mail list for a limited period of 3 months, after which they are deleted if they have not joined the group.

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I think I’m on the distribution list but I have never received anything from the group. Who do I contact?

To confirm whether you are on the e-mail list, e-mail If you believe you have wrongly been deleted from the e-mail list and wish to check your membership status, e-mail

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I would like to be added to the distribution list. Who do I contact?

To join the e-mail list, send an e-mail to You will then be added to the list for a limited period of 3 months, unless of course you join the Ramblers.

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I’ve changed my email address. Who do I contact to get it changed on the distribution list?

Send an e-mail to, quoting your old and new addresses.

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I think I’m on the distribution list but I didn’t receive the last walks programme. Who do I contact?

Send an e-mail to and ask for a copy of the programme. In the meantime, you can find details of forthcoming walks via the Walks Finder, accessible from the front page.

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